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Silicone Half Masks - Male Fit

Silicone Half Masks - Male Fit by Immortal Masks

Bigfoot silicone maskFully Hairred masks are 12-14 weeks production time...
$390.00 $435.00

Christmas Grouch Silicone Mask Christmas Grouch Silicone Mask
Hot 12-14 Weeks!
Non haired grinches are available at our standard production times (8-10 Weeks)..
$415.00 $460.00

- Sculpted by Andrew Freeman & Chris Marchwinski..
$390.00 $435.00

LuchagoreDue to a high volume of orders, Luchagore is estimated to be 10-12 weeks...
$420.00 $465.00

not recommended for a head larger than 23 inches in diameter measured around the head and above the ears..
$390.00 $435.00

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