At Immortal Masks we do not accept the status quo and are always pushing the boundaries in design, paint and durability. Setting a new industry standard, our new Flex Fusion System allows us to employ the softest silicone not normally used in unsupported silicone masks with the strongest, most flexible composite webbing.

Flex Fusion uses honed Hollywood film making techniques that have evolved with our research and development. Immortals Flex Fusion composite web is stronger, thinner, virtually undetectable and utilized throughout the entire mask. The composite webbing improves comfort, fit, flexibility and durability.

As a result, we are able to create thinner areas than ever before which allow for greater expression and a decrease in heat buildup. With Flex Fusion, running tears become a problem of the past!

Overall our customers look at our masks as investments. We vow that our masks will have the longest lifetime out of any other silicone mask on the market today!

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