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Acrylic eyes are made to fit in our eye inserts for our deluxe head form.  Made by our friends at Fourth Seal Studios! For custom eyes please check out Fourth Seal Studios!..

Deluxe Headforms are resin coated hard foam.  Eye area is open and ready for eye inserts, and 4th seal acrylic eyes,  that can be purchased seperately.  Headforms are Male fit only.  Check out Silicone eye inserts hereCheck out Acrylic eyes here ..

Silicone eye inserts are only for Deluxe headforms.  All are specially made to fit the Immortal Mask deluxe headform.  If you want to match an existing mask, choose custom and put the scheme in the notes...

Polyfoam head forms meant to display your mask. Not recommended for sculpting. This item is NOT compatible with our eye inserts, or acrylic eyes.      ..

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