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Barbarian Warrior Details:FAUX FUR SHAWL:Made of faux fur. These are professionally aged with different painting and washing processes to give it a muddy, matted, and dirty feel and lookFAUX FUR BOOT COVERS AND GAUNTLETS:Made of Faux fur and leather straps. These are professionally aged withBARBARIA..

DRAC VEST Details:Jacquard self fabric with a pre-shrunk lining. Print matches at center front. We added inside pockets that are large enough to hold all the essentials.They are placed quite low so that they do not add bulk when pockets are full. We put a lot of thought into all the small details. T..

Cape Details:Custom vacuformed shoulders creating a wide frame silhouette. Velcro fastening and magnets inside of the shoulder to allow for character building by attaching additional accessories(*armor coming soon!). Fabric is a burgundy velvet. Features gold chain, clasp, and hardware at ..

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