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Silicone Full Masks - Male Fit

Our full masks go down to the chest and our male fit is for a standard size head.

Wait times for a fully haired Jake mask is 12-14 weeks..
$600.00 $675.00

Malavestros is the thirteenth child of Death himself, and he's eager to tell you his bardic tales.  One tale of whimsy, one of woe, and one of an angel's last breath.   In parternship between Immortal Masks and Sideshow Collectibles™ we bring you the silicone mask of Malavestros..
$595.00 $670.00

Necrosis is ready to climb out of the grave!  Grab our latest zombie mask with or without blood!..
$600.00 $675.00

Wait times for fully haired Old Timer is 12-14 weeks..
$600.00 $675.00

Passenger has hidden eye holes in the mouth area of the mask.  ..
$675.00 $750.00

Sculpted by: Andrew FreemanFully Hairred masks are 12-14 weeks production time...
$600.00 $675.00

Wait times for a fully haired Professor mask is 12-14 weeks..
$600.00 $675.00

Just out of the water and into our world.  Riptide joins our aquatic line of masks.  ..
$620.00 $695.00

* Eyes are digital animations on self powered lcd screens. Each mask will arrive with the eyes, board and battery in a protective silicone sheath that can be removed from the mask to recharge and reprogram. Each eye can be loaded with only one animation at a time.  Eyes will arrive with chosen ..
$800.00 $875.00

Wait times for a fully haired Stanley mask is 12-14 weeksSculpted by: Hiroshi Katagiri..
$600.00 $675.00

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